Pray For Those We Meet

This is our "Book of Life".  It is a list of most of the memorable encounters that we've had on the streets.  We list the person's name and a few facts so as to remember them. Please remember them at Holy Mass and in prayer.  New names will be listed first.

Francis, homeless father, mid 30s, veteran, had Bible, very thankful, by Broadway Bridge
Crumpy, young homeless guy on bike, lives under Hawthorne bridge, very friendly, long talk
Sherry, 50ish homeless woman, NE Broadway, cleans/picks up litter, friends w/ Rico
Heroin addicts in tent (esp. Chris), off Broadway, worried we were "church people"
Spider, young frail female, heroin addict, SE 82nd
Bam Bam and his mother, RV, Cletus the scary doll, SE 82nd
Lyle and Sida (Lebanese), young couple, SE82nd, homeless, glad to have rosaries
Amanda & Chelsea, prostitutes, NE 82nd, told us about Montavilla Initiative harassment
David, friends with Amanda and Chelsea, homeless, ex-con, Montavilla park, 50ish black man
Casper, former Mormon & model, 30ish, mother, educated, long conversation by Holy Rosary
Heather, young trans man, computer programmer, in wheel chair by train station
Errol, homeless man by Holy Rosary, bad eye, we gave him a Jesus Caritas hoodie
Mama D, ex-con, trans, small Hispanic man, and tall black female friend Queenie
Tommy "Weedman", late 20s on NE 82nd, estranged from wife, went after "strange gods", Christian
Free Bird, very young alternative girl, heroin addict, NE 82nd, worsening condition
Downtown tents full of young heroin addicts, liberal arts school drop-outs, talked of friars
George, Pentecostal from Alabama, by NW McDonalds, violent childhood, early conversion
Xavier, 11 year old black boy who killed himself, Richard and Elise shared the story w/photo
Melody, 60ish homeless woman by Holy Rosary, stayed with her to get her room at Unity
Randy, 60ish alcoholic, thrown into Johnson Creek, freezing, called ambulance
Jessica (Alice), heroin addict NE 82nd, separated from children, RCIA, St. Francis dining hall
Billy, 30ish man on bike who was touched by our apostolate on SE 92nd, tears
Johnny, addict who always angles for cash/motel room, SE 82nd, abused as child
Vanessa & Alexa, mother/daughter, homeless together by Holy Rosary, lovely people
John, just released from prison, house painter, kind and honest face, by Holy Rosary
John K., mixed race son of Jazz singer, Nancy K., knows the Bible very well, homeless
Deborah Lee, 50ish Warm Springs Native American, friend of Dana and John K.
Lumpy, was once obese, acted as our guide in showing us a hidden homeless camp in Springwater
Aaron, humble Asian Jehovah's witness, 40ish, former atheist, skin condition, along SE 82nd
Zach, young JW friend of Aaron, struggled with destructive lifestyle, knew us from 122nd
Red, 50ish addict, Springwater corridor, hordes our sandwiches and Gatorade
Shane, former evangelical, mental issues, very unkempt, Montavilla area, had a vision of the BVM
Jayson & Cory, addicts by Holy Rosary, resisted suicide, from Bellingham's Sacred Heart
Homeless mother (Joey) and 20ish son, NE camp, father Andy in Inverness Jail
Mechelle, NE camp, addict, 7 months pregnant, has another young daughter, going into home
Alicia, gregarious addict, green SUV, NE camp, friend of Tyrone, lost cat "Teeter"
Hannah, homeless since young, Irish flag t-shirt, has pit bull mix, Montavilla Park
Momma, old black woman, alcoholic, wheelchair, can really preach, Holy Spirit tattoo, downtown
Lindsey, homeless, butch, warming up to us, first saw of NE 82nd, then NE Broadway
Georgina, old homeless woman, alcoholic, gives people respect, asked for prayers, NE Broadway
Brandon, ex-marine, ex-con, alcoholic, ex-wife struggles, long talk at Holy Rosary
Greg & Cheyenne, pentecostal missionaries, live on the streets, from Missouri, full of Holy Spirit
Alejandro, gentle Hispanic alcoholic, collects cans along NE Broadway, gave rosary
Gentry, young heroin addict along NE Broadway, ex-Catholic, drawn to occult, in a dark place
James, older man from Ghana, preached about corruption in the Church, how it used to be better
Aztec, tattooed Hispanic along NE Broadway/downtown, worried about demons, talked for hour
New names along SE 82nd: Conner, Matthew, Johnny, Travis, Tammy, Sonya, Kevin & Jennifer
Samuel, Blackfoot tribe, knows his Native language and animist beliefs, alcoholic, friendly
Xavier James, young baby-faced homeless man along SE 82nd, Johnson Creek
Residents of NE Halsey/92nd camp: Robert, Larry, Andrea, Chris, Brett, Jamal, Michael
Jimmy Finley, pro skater and early legend, raised Baptist, from Austin, now at the coast
Tom & Jessica, homeless married couple, late 30s, camped off downtown freeway, sex assault
Shawn T., homeless older man at Plaid Pantry, gracious, good sense of humor
Kevin, living in public housing, Buddhist leanings, read lots of Thomas Merton
Arthur, plays guitar, ex-con, mad dog tattoo, lives in same residence as Kevin
Christian, young addict, had rosary but missed his lost black bead rosary, gave him one
Ronnie, 50ish female addict, made rosaries at Andre Bessette chapel, camped by train station
Donna, older woman, raised Catholic in Indiana, glad to have rosary, fighting crack
Jay, Native American, transvestite prostitute, late 20s, on NE 82nd, heroin addict
Orion, burly hispanic in NE 82nd camps, 30ish, lots of tattoos, friendly and helpful
Bug, thin young homeless black woman, NE camps, beautiful smile, gentle soul
Carl, ex-con, sung in prison bands/choir, alcoholic, along SE 82nd, rotting and amputated toes
Darla and Delilah, young addicts along Johnson Creek, dehydrated, happy for Gatorade
Pauline, 50ish homeless woman along Johnson Creek, beautiful smile, friendly
Mila and Jasmine, addict couple at Union Station, talkative about spiritual matters
Kimberley, mother of Melissa, does manic cleaning binges, late 50s, NE Broadway
Melissa and her mom, both homeless, drug problems, Melissa facing jail time, mom asked for prayer
Larry, watching baseball playoffs at Madison High, remembers us, wanted Rosary
Keith, friends w/ Larry, addict, kind man, told us of his God moment
Pat, 20ish, homeless on 122nd, loner, didn't want us to leave, borrowed my phone to call his dad
Darrell, friendly older black man camped on the side of Dollar Tree along 122nd, lots of ideas
Robert & Cindy, Siletz tribe, homeless along 122nd, very friendly, gave me 2 Persian Bibles
Wendy and Wyndham, black man and Latina along 122nd, very friendly, glad to have rosaries
Matt. H. w/ dog Nick at park blocks, converted as teen but fell away, knows scripture, ex-con
Jennifer & David (Sioux), park blocks, matching Mohawks, friends w/ Joseph, she lost her 3 yr. old
Daniel, on Broadway Bridge, well-read, knew Blessed Charles de Foucauld and his charism
Troy, homeless, lower leg recently amputated after severe fire accident, along SE 82nd
Christy, homeless NE, six kids from 17-37, son's last day of high school, pressured into prostitution?
Diamond, homeless black man, looks and acts like Michael Clarke Duncan, 1st met at St V Depaul
Tyrone, always parked & working on car by NE motel, wears our rosary, charming, w/ 2 women

Those met during Corpus Christi Procession:
Shirley, lives in car w/ dog, 50ish Catholic, grievances against archdiocese
Genesis & Candy, homeless black couple, asked for prayers, rosaries
Michael, 50ish addict, tan and thin, despaired of forgiveness, lots of tears and prayer
Homeless black man, called Christians "parasites", said muslims give away better stuff
Howard, early 50ish homeless man in tent city along I-405, carefully landscaped the camp
Scotty, frail transvestite, early 50s, badly beaten up, glad to have Gatorade and rosary
Bill, lapsed Catholic, homeless, impressed with procession & Catholic scriptural apologetics
Gabriel, homeless, friend recently killed, Catholic view of redemptive suffering & Heaven

Nico, young man in wheelchair along division, Marxist, grew up Jehovah's Witness
Alan, Nico's friend, speech impediment, wheelchair, Marxist, political science background
Jeffrey James, 50ish alcoholic along Division, grew up at St. Ignatius, landscaper
Aaron, friend of Jeffrey, alcoholic & homeless, glad to have rosary
Willie, young addict on SE 82nd, light skinned w/ small fro, shirtless kung fu dancing
Joseph, ex-military, Afro-American, hiked Pacific Coast Trail, backpacking/drifting for a while
Will, backpacking w/ Joseph, met on SE 82nd, glad to have fresh socks and a rosary, friendly
Michael, friendly articulate man in Johnson Creek hideaway, severe burn scars on face/neck
Gin (for Ginny), homeless along Johnson Creek, 20ish, brown hair, fighting with Ben
Lisa, Native American, Johnson Creek hideaway, God sent owl to scare aggressive man once
Jeremy, thin bald 30ish addict, mental illness, Johnson Creek camp hideaway
Brandy, 40ish addict digging up stump along NE 82nd, she hugged us, gentle soul
Nicole, into goth style, Blackcraft, upside down pentagrams, friendly conversation
Tammy, Randy, PJ, recent traffic accident, living out of their SUV/vans along NE 82
Rob, 40ish fit homeless man along NE 82, good gear, large peace tattoo
April and Dustin, thin young addict couple along NE 82, face all tattoos, friendly
Heidi, 50ish homeless woman around Montavilla, from Irish Boston, Quincy
Eric, fitness buff now homeless on 82nd, from Mississippi, knows the faith
Jack, tall 52 year old homeless man w/ Eric, dying of cancer, once large now just bones
Martin, named after Martin de Porres, loves Latin, a Christian, struggles w/ weed
Marcela, widow from St. John Apostle, RV just impounded, frustrated w/ God, loved rosary
Dana & Lynette, met at NA, lost their house, donated $1 to the apostolate
Alex, Hispanic ex-con w/ lots of neck tattoos. NE 82nd homeless camp.
Mixed ethnicity girls trolling for a "good time" along NE 82nd.  Friendly. Mooned us.
Vrenae, middle-aged woman w/ small dog. Glad to have her first rosary.
Jeff, ex-con on meth, looks like Jeff Goldblum, from Minn., evicted by landlady
Carmen, homeless, meth addict, 40ish, raised Catholic, wears multiple rosaries, 92nd
Cooney, 50ish heavy-set homeless man on 82nd, collects unusual sticks
Dana, homeless, 40ish very friendly thin black man, some faith, hangs around SE 82/92
Corbett family, young poor pentecostal missionaries w/ five cute kids
Heather, 40ish, brown skinned homeless woman on SE 92nd, wary but now friendly
Skip, Jewish, ex-con did eleven years, homeless on 92nd, wears diamond stud earrings
DB, 50ish alcoholic homeless, bulbous nose, cart, poorly dressed in snow, freezing
Lisa, Carlyle and kids, self-described "heathens" on SE 50th, liked our work, knew Sacred Heart
Marty, friendly 50ish hobo on icy streets, SE 50th
Suzanne, 38, heroin addict with two kids, in Las Vegas currently, John D's niece
Paul, 40ish hobo, alcoholic, ex-con who went straight, Catholic, knew 'Paul' meant "small one"
Michael, ex-con with tear drop tattoo, went straight, 50ish hobo, in wheelchair at Holy Rosary
Carrie, late 20s, tall & thin, wears Uggs, always walking 82nd, mild schizophrenic
Wilson, large heavyset man and wife, giant fluid pocket on ankle, looking for motel voucher
Michael, 30ish homeless man on SE 82nd with glasses, hears voices, attracted to prayer and rosary
Sam, tall thin young addict on SE 82nd, uses with young female prostitutes
Simone/Amy, addict in broken tent on NE 82nd, 30ish, redhead, articulate, gave baby for adoption
Richard, 60ish hobo at Montavilla park, had rosary bracelet blessed by pope, gave me cigar
Kevin Bishop, elderly blues guitar playing black man, homeless, tweed coat, & his friends
Shivering young mentally ill man at SE 39th/Division gas station, said his name was Jesus
Vincent, blind homeless man downtown, wore cross, lots of tears, upset at Church teaching
Annie, fifty-something black woman downtown, gangsta tattoos on face, beautiful smile
Young swarthy addict with jacket w/ upside down cross at Union Station, oppressed by demons
Misty, 30ish, black eyes from husband Leroy, her 3 kids were adopted, oldest son died.
Adriana, Greek Orthodox, and hippie boyfriend, NE Broadway, we prayed together.
James, young addict with welding background, gave ideas for our rolling soup cart
Toby, 30 year old addict who likes the tunic, wore t-shirt on cold day
Shane, young homeless man, piercing blue eyes, seen us around
Mike, small older homeless man, dozens of metal rings on each hand
Benjamin & Flora, Warm Springs Native Americans, NE Broadway, sheltered at Taco Bell
Arturo, homeless NE Broadway, prayed to St. Blaise to cure his throat
Martha, shivering & frightened old homeless woman, hiding under shopping cart, swollen face
Richard, Hispanic ex-con, alcoholic, at 7/11, protestant, had near death experiences
Rachel, young prostitute at SE 82nd 7/11, left us for a "John"
"John", very old, solicited Rachel, skeletal face, drove brand new SUV
Dana, skinny black homeless man, very friendly, lives along 82nd
Chris, black homeless man at the Grotto, asked for our prayers, penitent, afraid of his anger
Taylor K., young man at Grotto who just had a supernatural experience, had our prayer card
David B., drunk on sidewalk, preached and told me all of my spiritual weaknesses
Eon, agnostic fascinated by St. Francis, helps poor, works at Dept. Homeland Security
Mike, simple big homeless guy with bruised blue knuckles, kicked out of Plaid Pantry
Luciana, young street girl, she left us crying
Becky, addict, series of bad boyfriends, from Canada where she was a college student
Stacey, black woman who asked us for prayers at Montavilla, husband Steven and kids
Spiro, young addict at bus stop, Puff Daddy tattoo
Chris, injured hobo from Alabama
Patrick, weary of being a hobo, former altar boy at St. Stephen’s
Rodney, the fundamentalist who interrupted our Divine Mercy Chaplet
Edgar the Pentecostal who wants to evangelize Muslim lands
Catholic couple outside Christ the King, protestant converts, on-fire despite lukewarm catholics
Dana, friendly guy from Montana, uses medical marijuana
Pastor Colin Browne, Lutheran, devoted to Blessed Charles
Becky, older hooker with one tooth, left us for “John”
Jeff, meth addict, rejected from military for hearing loss, reminded us of Jimmy Stewart
Pop and drunk friends outside Plaid Pantry
Pete, old wino who reminded me of St. Nick
Conan, young guy at SE 7/11, found and fixed rosary
Jason and prostitute girlfriend by SE 7/11
Chris, unitarian universalist w/ flat of blackberries
Marty, fallen away catholic w/ broken down car, wife Nancy, daughters Brandy, Brittany
Julian, tall muscular guy whose never heard the Gospel, a hobo tried to take his bag of cans
Jessica, heroin addict w/ bruises, tried to stop from hooking, friend of Troy
Troy, young man chose homelessness as a radical break, taught Bible Study, quotes St. Francis
Shane, heroin addict, arborist, did Fed time, could only stay clean 11 days
Cindy, ex-biker chick, trouble-maker and thief, ex-friend of Shane
Sheila, older addict, boyfriend Joe who makes a morning offering
Jesse, meth addict from Monterey, Pismo Beach, prizes reason, despise fideism (blind faith)
Jesus Freak young guy who gave us $30 for the ministry
Andrew, Korean Catholic, homeless on 122nd
Derek, ex-con, alcoholic on 122nd, going to turn himself in to jail
Josh, small mentally ill Catholic, Asian/Hispanic, cut marks, been searching for rosary
Jamie and Cedric, homeless white woman and black man on 122nd
Vanessa, Kevin, Melvin: Kevin ex-con did 10 years, Melvin great preacher, ex-con
Scott, guy in car along 122nd who made altar boy abuse joke
Sarah, skinny older homeless woman, bad back, wonders why God let’s her suffer
Young street woman only wearing bikini, like at a bacchanalia
KK, Cody, Courtney younger street people, Cody had an old white rosary he wore
Bruce, old homeless man with kind face, faith and lots of wisdom
Travis, intelligent, shirtless young street man, wary of organized religion, offers thanksgiving
Virginia Elizabeth, son (Peter) and family is estranged, took our photo at the Grotto
TT, gay young black prostitute on 82nd
Lesley and Kim, older women in tent, Lesley obese with sores, asked for daily prayer book
Josh, body of a boxer, broke first rosary asked for another, Springwater corridor
Marcella, in RV, asked for prayers, had rosary bracelet
Joanie C., opened house to homeless, brief meth addict, distributes water to homeless
Tim, Joanie’s addict boyfriend, met on bike on 82nd
McKyla C., Joanie’s young addict daughter, red head, missing tooth
Becky, lives w/ Joanie, colon cancer, bipolar, dog killed by pitbull
Mike, fallen-away Catholic we met on 82nd, ex GF threw all his 1st communion stuff away
Mike, old artist at Montavilla, carves wood, hates the water there, fallen-away Catholic
Melanie, fallen-away Catholic, older short homeless woman
Brock, miserable addict in tan Volvo at Montavilla, rosary tattooed on body
Jeff, homeless laborer, likes drugs, honest simple face, went to Grotto’s First Saturday mass
David, downtown, supernatural conversion, tech/computer idol, Presbyterian
Cary, alcoholic, womanizer, theologian brother, protestant, despairs of salvation
Demoniac by train station
Matthew, homeless man on bike who take our photo on Burnside Bridge
Raul, heavy homeless Christian, wears lots of crosses, dresses like a “homey”, at 7-11
Mike Owen, meth addict at SSA office, bad back, vision of hell and wife’s ugly soul
Norm, little homeless guy on Division, chased away young addicts, bless them too
Sarah, Irish agnostic on Division, tipsy, skull tights, bless hipster husband too
Friendly diner at Petit Provence, lover of all things French, Florence
Steve W. Reedie, believes modernist scholarship from Hum 110, Quaker background
Elizabeth, miserable addict, hiding in bushes at Baskin Robbins, grateful for care
Roger, former parishioner at St. Stephens, homeless, recommended goulash
Sherri, poor popeyed woman on SE 50th, one sock & one sandal, urine/feces smell
Henk, Dutch Jesuit on sabbatical
Gauge, homeless young man at Montavilla, wears grandmother’s blue rosary
Tim (Tobit) and Janelle, coming down from meth outside McDonalds, did time at OSP
Jan and Dave, homeless mother and son, Dave details cars, want to get housing in Dalles
Father and young son, has Jesus crowned with thorns tattoo
Sky or Skylar, stripper?
Ron and his female friend at Grotto, kind cyclist w/ bad heart, more humanitarian than Christian
David, writer, has syncretist views and religious objects, worked Chicago Exchange
Dustin and girlfriend (with long sex abuse history) at Montavilla, drug abuse, green BMW
Layla, attractive thin sex worker along 82nd, has two little girls
Jeff, intense ex-con, friend of Patrick, loving mother died recently, felt Holy Spirt once
Tiki and Sed, black couple, heroin addicts, Tiki is a mother of two
Monty, once was homeless in Grotto woods, recognized Sacred Heart image
Pierre, gay prostitute from Mexico, lightskinned, 40ish
Belinda, tall young attractive blond, new addict on NE 82nd
Candice, attractive meth addict, driving in circles around Grotto looking for dealer
Sarah, miserable heroin addict outside Plaid Pantry, looking for woman’s shelter
Tina and LaRue, black couple, Tina has nine children, amputee, skin condition
Justin, alcoholic, looks like Robert Mitchum
Nick M., gay writer into all varieties of occult, Spiritism, said he goes to St. Ignatius
The Quartet on Burnside: 
David, former addict and security guard from Arkansas,
Rhianna, 21 year old addict in recovery, and her baby girl Keenan,
Michelle, fifty-something addict in recovery, raised hellfire Pentecostal
Kristin, attractive older woman in tent on Burnside, preyed on by men
Lucas, street guy with tattered rosary, glad to have a new one to wear
Michael, homeless guy who shared his donut holes
Cody, short-haired homeless woman w/ bad eyesight, looking for Salvation Army
Josephine, sweet older black woman in wheel chair, Union Station
Amon, Norwegian, marine, alcoholic, older sturdy white guy

Tasha and her rowdy ex-con friends, Tasha gave baby up for adoption
Black couple arguing on SE 122nd, until they saw me: “The Lord’s right on time!”
Shane the ex-con, coming down from meth at Montavilla Park
Toby, Bible-quoting homeless man, hit by car
Alfredo, husband with pornography addiction
Fundamentalist car salesman on SE 82
Man of wrath, black homeless man, “dark shadow passing through the land”
Pregnant prostitute with the light afro, kindled my desire to walk the streets
The older homeless woman who offered me chicken on SE 82
Young man in hoodie, drunk driving convictions, philosophy major
Casanova, young charismatic homeless man, crossed four lanes of traffic to talk
Kelly and her boyfriend, pulled car over to talk on 82nd
The barfly woman who mocked my tunic, then we laughed together
The young prostitute by Happy Valley who first glared, but kindled her curiosity
Ex-con who insisted “The Lord always comes first.”
Homeless elderly black couple around Foster-Powell
Angie, homeless women in Eugene
Lexi, young homeless woman, friend of Patricks’, remembered eggs & guacamole I gave her
Marcus, young man on NE 82nd, Shari’s shirt, rosary broke, wore samurai knot

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