Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Sacred Fountains of Inspiration (II)

Personal note:

My dear Mother unexpectedly passed away from heart failure on May 26th.  She was only 66, and enjoyed racing around the house and sidewalks after her grandchildren.  Many thanks for all of the prayers; we have been lifted up by grace and Christian love.  We always welcome more prayers for my mother, Pamela, and her large family.  The other day at holy mass, I understood that she was joined in the maternity of Mary, in union with her, mothering the people of God here below. To those who knew her, it is not surprising, though it was a welcome theological insight.

More Good News

I was delighted to read about the two young Dominican friars who are walking from New Orleans to Memphis on an evangelical pilgrimage.  Imagine walking 500 miles through the American South in the stifling summer heat!  It's a very Catholic thing to do, and an exemplar of the kind of risk-taking and holy zeal  that will re-build the Church for our times. The friars will offer what the Church sorely needs: their sufferings and prayers united with Christ, fellowship, a visible presence on the street, and serene evangelization.

You can read all about the friars at:   https://friarsonfoot.wordpress.com


  1. Sorry about your mom Scott - I only found out now, checking your blog. Prayers for you and the repose of her soul. God bless you.

    1. Thanks, Terry. She was amazing. A true Christian in every way--except a little gossip now and again. LOL